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TKC-32000 Series

TKC-32000 Series, Colors for Glass Resistant, Pb Cd Containing

This product range offers lead containing glass enamels that are dishwasher safe. The colors of this range have exceptional glossy and opaque appearance.
Cadmium containing colors are indicated.

Color Mixing

This product range is fully intermixable, all common shades can be achieved by mixing. Cd-free and Cd containing colors can be intermixed but not recommended. Customized color shades are supplied upon request.
Pantone Codes are for reference only, color shades may vary due to firing conditions and the composition of the glaze.

Firing Range

540-590 °C on Glass


The products of this range are in powder form and can be mixed with different media for required application e.g., spraying, brushing, machine banding, direct or indirect screen-printing. Please refer to “Auxiliaries” section to select proper media.

It is recommended that the surface should be at ambient temperature and completely clean and dry before decoration.

Spraying, Brushing, Machine Banding

The fired thickness of the film must be between 15-20 µm to ensure glossiness and opaqueness and the film layer must be as even as possible.

Direct / Indirect Screen-Printing
Cadmium Containing Colors
Polyester mesh, size 73-90 / cm is recommended.
Gold Containing Colors
Polyester mesh, size 120-140 / cm is recommended.
Rest of the Colors
Polyester mesh, size 73-120 / cm is recommended.

TKC-32000       White
TKC-32001       Etchings
TKC-32002       Colorless Flux
TKC-32100       Green
TKC-32200       Cobalt Blue
TKC-32300       Ocker
TKC-32350       Brown
TKC-32400       Iron Red
TKC-32500       Cadmium Yellow
TKC-32800       Cadmium Red
TKC-32810       Cadmium Crimson
TKC-32900       Pink
TKC-33000       Jet Black
TKC-33333       Fuchsia
TKC-33334       Lilac

Pantone Color