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TKB-57000 Series

TKB-57000 Series, Solvent Based Organic Glass Colors for Brushing & Spray Painting, Opaque

Color Mixing

This product range is fully intermixable, an infinite variety of color shades can be achieved by mixing TKB-56000 and/or TKB57000 series. Customized color shades are supplied upon request.

Pantone Codes are for reference only, color shades may vary due to applying and firing conditions.

Firing Range

180 °C – 20 mins
200 ° C – 10 mins


The products of this range are in viscous liquid form therefore only suitable for spraying and brushing. It is recommended that the glass should be at ambient temperature and completely clean and dry before decoration.

TKB-56008 glossy lack and TKB-58006 matte lack is the base for this system. Either one can be used depending on the required texture, matte or glossy. To achieve a semi-matte texture mixing TKB-56008 and TKB-58006 in equal parts is recommended.

Pastes should be added to the lack between 25-35% based on the desired color intensity.

TKB-56008 / TKB-58006: 75-65%
Desired pigment color/s: 25-35%

After mixing the paste, TKB-56009 hardener must be added by 40%.
Lack + Paste Mixture 10 parts
TKB-56009 Hardener 4 parts

TKB-56008 Glossy Lack
TKB-58006 Matte Lack
TKB-56009 Hardener
TKB-57019 Black Paste
TKB-57020 White Paste
TKB-57021 Blue Paste
TKB-57022 Red Paste
TKB-57024 Magenta Paste
TKB-57025 Green Paste
TKB-57026 Orange Paste
TKB-57027 Brown Paste
TKB-57048 Yellow Paste

Pantone Color