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T-43000 Series

T-43000 Series, Thermoplastic Container Glass Enamels Semi-Resistant, Pb Containing

This product range offers leaded colors that are dishwasher safe up to 100 cycles. Cadmium containing colors are indicated.

Color Mixing

This product range is fully intermixable, all common shades can be achieved by mixing. Cd-free and Cd containing colors can be intermixed but not recommended. Customized color shades are supplied upon request.
Pantone Codes are for reference only, color shades may vary due to firing conditions and glass composition.

Firing Range

600-640 °C


The products of this range are in solid form and only suitable for thermoplastic printing. It is recommended that the glass should be at ambient temperature and completely clean and dry before decoration.

Steel mesh, size 150-300 / inch is recommended.

T-43000 Colorless Flux
T-43001 Black
T-43002 White
T-43003 Etch
T-43004 Cadmium Yellow
T-43005 Cadmium Orange
T-43006 Cadmium Red
T-43007 Cadmium Crimson
T-43008 Cobalt Blue
T-43009 Green
T-43010 Iron Red
T-43011 Brown
T-43012 Ocker
T-43013 Pale Yellow
T-43014 Metallic Gold
T-43015 Metallic Silver
T-43016 Metallic Copper

Pantone Color